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Connecting the Unconnected

Enabling the Vision of Connected Pakistan

The Company

AWAL Telecom Private Limited is an independent Passive Telecommunications Tower Provider company, founded in 2014 in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is amongst the few first companies to provide the Telecom Infrastructure in the country including Telecom Towers Site Planning, Site Acquisition,  Approvals from Government Regulatory Authorities, Commissioning of Towers, Provision of Power and Round the Clock Operations & Maintenance Services to multiple Telecom Cellular and Broadband Operators on shared basis. 


Our business model enables the Telecom Operators in freeing up their Capital expenditure from Passive Infrastructure so that they can focus and divert the resources towards the core business of Emerging Technologies and enhancement of Network Capacity and Coverage in unconnected areas

To reach out for Telecom Connectivity to Inaccessible Rural Areas, Under-Privileged Communities and Strategic Urban Locations in every corner of Pakistan. Hence keeping up pace with Technological Advancements of 4G & 5G to bridge up the Digital Divide in the Country .

To facilitate faster and more economic roll-out of Wireless Operations throughout Pakistan by providing Operators with High Quality Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services, Reduction in Infrastructure Costs, Offering Financial Flexibility and Improving Mobile Transmission.


We offer passive Telecom Tower Infrastructures that are shared by all the Telecom Operators in Pakistan. By using our Infrastructure, Telecom Operators provide their Mandated Services while saving on CAPEX and OPEX.

Our state-of-the-art Infrastructure offers High Availability of Reliable Network, backed by Service Level Agreement. Similarly we ensure Client Satisfaction, Quality Assurance, Professional Approach and Accurate yet Efficient Results.

Customer Satisfaction
Highest Levels of Responsiveness & Consistency
Market Leaders
Amongst the Few First to Take the Initiative
Green Technology
Ensuring the Environment Friendly Standards
Achievement Award_Akbar_ICCI

The Certificate of Achievement Awarded
to AWAL Telecom, in recognition 
of Outstanding Achievement during
September  04, 2020, Islamabad

In acknowledgement to its commendable services in the harder areas of Pakistan where the tough climatic or miscellaneous conditions hurdles the communication, President of Pakistan has awarded AWAL Telecom the best Business Award…….

Meeting with ICCI over a Regulatory draft work for ease of doing Telecom Infrastructure Business in Pakistan

November 18, 2020, Islamabad

TowerXchange: Redefining the economics to enhance the Rural connectivity

May  23, 2020, Islamabad

Rehabilitation efforts coupled up with Telecom Infrastructure

June 19, 2020, FATA.

Extending its infrastructure footprint to cover “KHAISORAH”

June 11, 2020, KPK.

AWAL Telecom signs Tower-Sharing partnership with Telenor, Pakistan 

December 19, 2019, Islamabad

Digital Divide
Communication Revolution In FATA
AWAL Telecom ICCI Achievement Award
Huge Recognition by ICCI [Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries] Awarded by Honorable Dr. Arif Alvi, PRESIDENT OF ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN
Fore Front Volunteers in COVID-19 Situation

Frontliners in the time of need when Pakistan and our people needed it....

Our Values & Culture

Staying Ahead of the Curve
Always Ahead in taking Initiatives and supporting the Government and Community whenever required.
Market Leaders
Collaboration among competitors to share tower infrastructure was unheard of in the telecom industry, at the time. But that’s what we proposed.
Environment Friendliness
Our constant endeavour is to not only provide an uninterrupted service across Pakistan but to do so in the most green manner. We have already converted our tower portfolio to ‘green sites’

What Makes Us Different?

Our Key Values

Ensure best-in-class processes and a continuous improvement culture that provides reliability, scalability and highest quality at optimum cost

Maintain and promote the highest standards of professional conduct by being fair, honest and transparent in all actions and decisions

Be the preferred partner to our customers with the highest levels of responsiveness consistently

Be responsible and sensitive towards the environment and the communities in which we operate. Uphold the highest standards of health and safety

Innovative Engineering

Our priority is to solve technology and business problems for organizations who want to innovate, adapt, and enter new markets using expertise in emerging technologies. The adoption of latest tools and techniques is the key to our Concerns Outputs.

Reliable Operations & Support

Our main motive is to ensure the probability of operating under stated design conditions, process equipment performs its intended function adequately for a specified exposure period. We ensure Quality in our Operations and functionality

Sustainable Operations

Our solutions focus on the sustainability of supply chains i.e. the solutions that make supply chains more sustainable, while maintaining efficiency. Our company is focused on achieving the high standards of solution provision and satisfied clients .

Green Sustainable

We provide the Infrastructure in environmental friendly, ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current & future generation, hence considering it as our top priority.

Our Specialization

Our Prime highlighted sections include the Towers and Installation, Provision of Power for the Telecom Equipment, Site Space for Installation, Cluster Infrastructures and the Fiber Optics complete Solution Packages. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure offers high availability of reliable network, backed by service level agreement.

Enhanced Connectivity

Efficient Communication & Reducing Distances in the Country



We acquire the required Space from Commercial & Residential Property Owners for placing our Passive Infrastructure at Strategic Locations.



We provide Innovative, Cost Affecting Power Solutions  to empower our Clients'  Active Equipment i.e Provision of Un-Interrupted Power Supply to Telecom Equipment.


Site Space

We acquire the required Space from Commercial & Residential Property Owners for placing our Passive Infrastructure at Strategic Locations.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optics

We offer Fiber Cable Connectivity solutions to cater to High Bandwidth Applications of Data Centers, ISPs, Global Internet Companies and Telecom Operators.

Support Services

Infrastructure & Cluster Approach

AWAL Telecom ensures all the Radio Planning and Transmission prospective to be met in order to acquire a completely connected Cluster to Cellular Operator.

Our Stakeholders

We are a company with a Professional Approach i.e. we know our clients and understand their Requirements & Expectations and hence Client Satisfaction becomes our Top Priority.

Become a Part of AWAL's Family


We communicate with our Customers in a transparent manner to gain their trust and to understand their concerns and expectations. Our Company boasts a huge network of Satisfied Clients and Consumers. Whether Technical Development, Advisory or Consultancy, AWAL Telecom is always the first choice.


Our primary focus revolves around acquiring Legal land at appropriate and feasible points and places and hence shares best dealing terms with the Land Owners and Caretakers. We communicate with our Customers in a transparent manner to gain their trust and to understand their concerns and expectations and fulfilling them.


We work and share our routines with the primary and other indirect regulatory Authorities for the formal approvals and execution of our Projects in a Legal Professional Manner. Therefore, it is in the best interest of businesses to maintain healthy relationships with regulatory agencies at all levels of government.


Our relationship with our Business Partners is built on values of mutual cooperation and respect.  We work with a dynamic and a diversified pool of Partners, making a source of good support and assistance to us. The scale of our operations requires clockwork precision when it comes to management of sourcing activities.

Our Portfolio Clients

Our portfolio of Customers includes leading telecom service providers such as Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Ufone & Warid. Having said that, we operate our business on an operator-neutral and non-discriminatory platform.