Our Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is part of our business ethics and commitment to best business practices. We are regularly engaged with both internal and external stakeholders to maintain excellent working relationships and to Understand, Prioritize and Incorporate their Expectations, Interests and Concerns into our Business Operations.



We communicate with our Customers in a transparent manner to gain their trust and to understand their concerns and expectations. This degree of mutual understanding helps us to completely align with their needs, making us their preferred Business Partner. We strive for continual improvement and are committed to using Customer feedback so as to identify key issues and improve our performance.


We work and share our routines with the primary and other indirect regulatory Authorities for the formal approvals and execution of our Projects in a Legal Professional Manner. Therefore, it is in the best interest of businesses to maintain healthy relationships with regulatory agencies at all levels of government. Among the business activities regulated by government are competitive practices, industry-specific activities, Internet activities, general issues of concern, and monetary regulations.



Landlords are a key stakeholder group for the AWAL Telecom. Our relationship with the landlords forms the keystone of our uninterrupted nationwide service; they are the foundation upon which our whole structure rests. In order to achieve sustainable and successful business goals, our relationship with landlords plays a very crucial role. Landlords are not only our  clients but also strategic partners in the journey of our business growth. 



Our relationship with our Business Partners is built on values of mutual cooperation and respect.  We work with a dynamic and a diversified pool of Partners, making a source of good support and assistance to us. The scale of our operations requires clockwork precision when it comes to management of sourcing activities. We believe in the philosophy of nurturing our Partners by going beyond transactional relationships and focusing on building long-term relationships across all levels.

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