AWAL Telecom as the Pakistan’s first independently managed Telecom Tower Company, offering passive infrastructure services to all telecom operators and other wireless services providers with a revolutionary concept of Green Tower, Enabling Communications’ Revolution into a significant new phase. 

Our Core Business

What We Offer?



We provide innovative energy solutions for cost-effectively powering our customers’ active equipment. Wherever possible, we power our towers using grid energy from WAPDA electricity supply. Diesel is utilized where reliable grid energy is not available. Our innovative solutions ensure that the optimum amount of fuel is used to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. We also operate solar powered towers.


Site Space

We acquire the required space from residential and commercial property owners – our landlords – for placing our passive infrastructure at strategic locations. We engage with Landlords throughout the entire lifecycle of hosting telecom infrastructure on their premises.



We deploy the passive physical infrastructure necessary to house the active equipment – the Base Transceiver Station, Transmission link and Microwave Antenna – of Telecom Operators. Towers range from the traditional lattice type structure – such as the ground-based tower, rooftop tower or pole – to aesthetically designed lightweight hybrid poles, monopoles or camouflaged towers that merge with the background Environment.


Fiber Optics

Optical fiber has become a necessity for Telecommunication Companies as a preferred Transmission Medium catering to their most Aggressive Bandwidth Demands. AWAL Telecom offers Fiber Cable Connectivity Solutions cater to High Bandwidth Applications of Data Centers, Global Internet Companies, ISPs and Telecom Operators.

Erecting the Tower and Shelter

Erecting the Tower and Shelter for housing the Base Transceiver Stations.

Site Acquisition

Keeping in view the long-term agreements with the owner of the land.

Planning of Site

Keeping in mind the network roll-out plans of the customers.

Regulatory Approvals

Obtaining of necessary regulatory approvals.

Acquisition of existing infrastructures

We offer comprehensive solutions for acquisition of existing passive telecom infrastructures of operators.

On-Site Power Supply

On site Power Supply equipments like Diesel Generators, Battery Banks and Transmission Room.

Built to Suit Solutions

Built to suit solutions , build new towers and allied technical infrastructure to suit and support ongoing expansion of specific telecom operators.

Provision of Support Services

Providing the support services related to installations, Maintenance, Repair air-conditioning, backup power and security.