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Welcome to AWAL Telecom

AWAL Telecom Private Limited is an independent Passive Telecommunications Tower Provider company, founded in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is amongst the few first companies to provide the Telecom Infrastructure in the country.

Our Vision

To reach out for Telecom Connectivity to Inaccessible Rural Areas, Under-Privileged Communities and Strategic Urban Locations in every corner of Pakistan. Hence keeping up pace with Technological Advancements of 4G & 5G to bridge up the Digital Divide in the Country .

Our Mission

To facilitate faster and more economic roll-out of Wireless Operations throughout Pakistan by providing Operators with High Quality Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services, Reduction in Infrastructure Costs, Offering Financial Flexibility and Improving Mobile Transmission.

What We Do?

We offer passive Telecom Tower Infrastructures that are shared by all the Telecom Operators in Pakistan. By using our Infrastructure, Telecom Operators provide their Mandated Services while saving on CAPEX and OPEX.

What You Get?

Our state-of-the-art Infrastructure offers High Availability of Reliable Network, backed by Service Level Agreement. Similarly we ensure Client Satisfaction, Quality Assurance, Professional Approach and Accurate yet Efficient Results.

Our Key Values



Ensure best-in-class processes and a continuous improvement culture that provides reliability, scalability and highest quality at optimum cost



Maintain and promote the highest standards of professional conduct by being fair, honest and transparent in all actions and decisions



Be the preferred partner to our customers with the highest levels of responsiveness consistently



Be responsible and sensitive towards the environment and the communities in which we operate. Uphold the highest standards of health and safety



Think and work together beyond self, functional boundaries, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Actively encourage mutual respect, sharing and collaboration

Why Choose Us?

AWAL Telecom aims to provide High Quality & Accurate Services and Solutions to its Customers so we seriously consider the following to extend full Customer Satisfaction as per the defined requirements.

Provision of High Quality End Solutions and services to the Clients.

Round the clock full Live Support and Guidance.

Production of Precise and Accurate Results as per User Satisfaction.

Honor of winning various Awards & Acknowledgements for its Efforts.

Well defined and Visionary Professional Approach towards the Activities.

A team of trained and Well Experienced Professionals.

The Company

The Profile

Portfolio & Mission Highlights

AWAL Telecom Private Limited is an independent Passive Telecommunication Tower Infrastructure Provider in Pakistan. We deploy, own, and manage Telecom Passive Towers and Communication Infrastructures that are shared by the Telecom Operators.
Our Business Model of infrastructure sharing enables the Telecom Operators to convert their Capital Expenditure to a fixed and Predictable Operational Expenditure, allowing them to divert precious capital towards core activities. Our revenues arise under long term renewable contracts with the telecom operators.
AWAL Telecom has not only helped increase Telecom penetration in several difficult parts of Pakistan but has also seen as a ‘Dependable Partner’ to implement Telecom Services in ‘Hard to Access Environments’. Our Towers have been deployed in areas like Inaccessible Terrains and hostile Climatic Conditions have deterred other communication providers from entering. We provided connectivity in remotest tribal areas of FATA where Road Connections were poor. And the entire Mobile Communication depends on AWAL’s Towers. By providing Cost-Effective Communication when and where it’s required, AWAL telecom has made a significant difference to the ‘Quality of Life’ in the communities it serves. 
AWAL Telecom is contributing in making the vision of connected Pakistan a grand reality by keeping everyone connected through our state of the art network of Telecom towers thereby enabling the vision of Digital Pakistan. We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of our customers, employees and communities of Pakistan.

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